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Readers Respond: What do you Serve in Your Bread Bowl?

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From the article: How to Make a Bread Bowl
Bread bowls are a unique and tasty way to serve some of your favorite soups, salads, and dips. Not only can you get creative with what to put in them, but you can further make a bread bowl unique by what type of bread you use, as well as the size of the bread. They really are a fun way to serve some of your favorite foods! Plus, they make a great presentation! There are so many ways to serve bread bowls. If you have ever made one, what are some of your favorite foods to serve in them?

Chilli bread bowl

I like to serve my homemade chilli in a bread bowl. It's perfect on a cold day! Another favorite that eats great in a bread bowl is my homemade chicken stew. I always make my own bread bowls from my favorite bread reciept.
—Guest Marie

bread bowl idea

I like to serve knorr's recipe for spinach dip in a bread bowl. I use it for when I have company, a get together at work, or wedding/ baby showers. It's always a favorite!
—Guest lauryn

My favorite

using alton browns recipe from foodnetwork i like to serve hot butternut squash soup in a bread bowl. also pasta dishes such as chicken alfredo are great in a bread bowl.
—Guest Mike Lincoln
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