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Readers Respond: What is Your Favorite Way to Eat Falafel?

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From the article: Falafel
What is your favorite way to eat falafel? Some like it in pita, some like it plain. You can choose to have it with hot sauce, garlic sauce, or ketchup in a McFalafel. With all the different ways you can eat falafel, what is yours? Share Your Favorite Way

Who needs pita?

I like it simple, dipped in a little toum, which us Ottawans just call garlic sauce.
—Guest Eric

Got to try Annie's

Seriously the best is Annie's Goddess dressing for the sauce! Try it and you will be amazed at how yummy it is!
—Guest Haley

Falafel with toum

My favourite way to eat falafel is in pita with lettuce, red onion, tomato, parsley, hummus, tahini, and toum (lebanese garlic sauce). Toum is ridiculously easy to make, and is a must when eating falafel!!!!
—Guest Selina Bee

Add some pepper sauce!

I wa first introduced to falafel by a good friend. We would eat about once a week at a little Greek Cafe in downtown Dallas. My favorite was a pita sandwich with falafel patties, lettuce, tomato, tahini and a good sprinkling of Louisiana hot sauce. Absolutely delightful! I've tried several times to reproduce this sandwich at home with good success. Keep it simple and don't forget the hot sauce.
—Guest John C

Falafel King

In a microwaved pitta (so its softer) with red cabbage, onion, mango pickle & chili sauce. BOOM!
—Guest Phil

My favorite to eat falafel

In a pita with shredded lettuce, tomato, sliced dill pickle and submarine dressing. It's YUMMY!
—Guest Joy Mullins

I have never tried Falafel:

Hello About.com, My name is Missy Brown I have never tried Falafel before but I've heard that it's very very tasty. I'm always trying to find ways to make exciting and appetizing sandwiches instead of just meat, cheese and lettuce so this thing called Falafel seems extremely like a pretty way to make a good sandwich. Thank You Missy Brown!
—Guest Missy Brown

eat falafel

Really like tossed with roast onions & Peppers with fried eggplant streaws and a garlicky Tatx ziki sauce
—Guest uncle daddy

Loaded Falafel Sandwich

In a pita with tahini, taziki, tabouli, lettuce, tomato, roasted red pepper and eggplant. MMMM!!
—Guest Julie

favorite wat to eat falafel

Its good in flat bread with lettuce,tomato,onion and taziki sauce.
—Guest jb


i like to eat my falafel in a pita or flat bread roll
—Guest mary

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What is Your Favorite Way to Eat Falafel?

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