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Readers Respond: What is Your Favorite Hummus Flavor?

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With plenty of cumin powder and red pepper pouder in a nice design and a pool of goood olive oil in the center depression. I was supported in Syria for awhile by religious students come to take finals at the University. Naturally, being Arabs,they would not accept repayment when the money I was waiting for arrived.
—Guest Pangloss

coriander and lemon

I love original and best houmous, also with chillies, then coriander and lemon is delicious! What's not to like!?
—Guest snowmoonelk

Roasted Red Paper

It has great flavor, without being overbearing like some of the spicy or garlicky varieties.
—Guest Lea


Growing up with an Egyptian father, the best hummus to me by far is original with tahini and lemon juice. When I'm too lazy to make it myself, I go to local restaurants and see if they'll sell me little tubs of it to keep my fridge stocked! They're usually accomodating, not too expensive, and so much better than the kinds you buy in the grocery store.
—Guest Egypxican

The Original Hummus!

Chickpeas, a little garlic, olive oil with these basic ingredients can make my favorite hummus! It's so delicious and low in fat and calories that I can not believe that something so tasty is nutritious! Also I like to add chopped red pepper or roasted garlic to add a different flavor. But my favorite is the original!
—Guest fherny

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