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Readers Respond: What is Your Favorite Way to use Hummus?

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Hummus is typically used as a dip, but there are other ways you can use hummus. It can be used as a spread, as a stuffing for deviled eggs or tomatoes, or added to sandwiches and wraps. What is your favorite way to use hummus?


how can I substitute hummus for carbs in my dinner?
—Guest c balint

Hummus sandwich

I took a slice of plain wheat (not white) bread and put hummus on it. Fold it over and enjoy! I loved it!
—Guest Suzie Q

hummus is yummus!

plain hummus, cajun roast beef, provalone, and kosher dill sandwich slices in pita or sandwich round.
—Guest zoey

Hummus wrap

Take a flour tortilla spread roasted red pepper hummus as a base top with roma tomatoes purple onion black olives banana peppers feta cheese sprinkle wrap then warm in brick oven slightly , best hummus wrap ever .
—Guest Roma oven

Hummus Hand Roll

I make my own marinated artichoke and roasted tomato hummus and spread it on the center of sushi paper, top with quinoa seasoned with Tamari or liquid aminos and any roasted or baked vegetable such as beets, or roasted red bell pepper and summer squash - roll into a sushi-style hand roll. It's awesome!
—Guest Kathleen

Way I use hummus

I use hummus instead of butter on toast. It tastes so much better than butter (although both of them are completely different) YUM!
—Guest Herbierto

In stuffed grape leaves?

I haven't tried this yet, but it sounds like a great idea (depending on which hummus recipe is used). Has anybody out there done this?
—Guest Diana

hummus and chips

I dip hummus with Trader Joe's carrot and Tomato. Spinach and Garlic, and Red Beet and Onion Chips.
—Guest florice

Favorite way to use hummus

I open a whole wheat pita pocket, spread a good layer of hummus inside, then put sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, very thin sliced onion, a few spicy peppers and bean or alfalfa sprouts. It makes the best vegetarian sandwich.
—Guest gottaloozit

Good Ideas

My new favorite sandwich: chicken, lettuce, tomato hummus.
—Guest MrsK


I use it on sandwhichws in place of butter or margarine. Tastier and healthier. Not so good on toast though :-)
—Guest Adam

What is Your Favorite Way to use Hummus?

I use it as part of my Bruschette recipe. Toasted bread, garlic rub, spread hummus, seasoned diced tomatoes , topped with shredded parmesan cheese and in the broiler until cheese becomes a golden brown. Yummy !!
—Guest gourd girl

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