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How to Use Za'atar


Question: How to Use Za'atar
My wife and I have just discovered za'atar and love it. I have been sprinkling it on flatbread. What are some other ways I can use za'atar?
Answer: I am glad to hear that you and your wife are enjoying za'atar. It is a great blend and is known for increasing mental acuity!

As far as other recipes, za'atar is more commonly known to be used on breads with olive oil. For a change, I spread olive oil onto thick slices of Italian or French bread, then sprinkle bread with za'atar. Then I broil it, much like a garlic bread. It is also a healthier alternative to garlic bread.

You can sprinkle it on chicken and seafood before cooking too. Try it on chicken before your bake or grill it, as well as on salmon and halibut. It gives a great flavor and is so much better than the plain lemon juice that often accompanies seafood.

Za'atar can also be sprinkled on dips before serving. Try it on hummus and more traditional western dips like french onion. Sprinkling it on sour cream on top of a baked potato also gives the side dish a little zing.

The sky is the limit when it comes to za'atar. I always encourage people to experiment in the kitchen. Creative cooking is always more rewarding than cooking by the book.
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