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Phyllo Dough


Question: Phyllo Dough
Can you tell me what phyllo is?
Answer: If you have ever eaten baklava, you know part of that great taste is found in that golden brown, delicious dough that blankets gooey sweetness. And what would a spinach-feta roll be without, well, the roll? That crisp dough found in so many of our favorite recipes is not what many mistake as puff pastry, but actually a dough native to Middle Eastern cooking called phyllo.

Phyllo, which means "leaf" in Greek, are thinly rolled and stretched sheets of dough that are almost translucent in appearance. The dough is made from flour, water and a little bit of oil which is then rolled out so that it becomes almost paper-thin. Phyllo can be found frozen in most supermarkets and is so versatile it can be used in main dishes and deserts. It is very difficult to make phyllo from scratch, as it can easily dry out and tear, so save yourself some frustration and buy it ready made. The possibilities are endless when using phyllo, so purchasing this product packaged will let you put your time to better use - creating mouthwatering dishes and deserts!
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