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How many calories are in hummus?


Platter of hummus and crackers
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Question: How many calories are in hummus?
I love eating hummus! I am really concerned about how many calories are in hummus though. I have erad several conflicting calorie counts online and in books. How many calories are in hummus?
Answer: There are many varieties of hummus, with traditional hummus with tahini being the most common. One cup of regular hummus contains about 435 calories and 21 grams of fat. You have to consider that it is very unlikely that a single person will consume a one cup of hummus in one snack sitting.

Hummus has many health benefits, also. It is high in fiber because of the chickpeas, and has no cholesterol.

These are just guidelines for the nutritional content of hummus. It may vary by recipe or by brand. Be sure to check the label of commercially prepared hummus for nutritional information.
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