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Picking a Ripe Cantaloupe


Woman smelling cantaloupe at the market
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Question: Picking a Ripe Cantaloupe
How can I pick a ripe cantaloupe? What do I need to look for?
Answer: The first thing you want to do when choosing a ripe cantaloupe is smell it. Ripe cantaloupes give off a sweet, cantaloupe smell that you can't mistake.

A ripe cantaloupe with be golden/orange in color underneath and within the outer rind. An unripe cantaloupe will be green underneath. Also make sure the cantaloupe is not too soft, a classic sign of being overripe.

The good thing about cantaloupe is that is will continue to ripen. So, if you pick an under-ripe cantaloupe at the market, let it sit on your counter for a few days and it should be ready to eat.
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