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Can You Freeze Hummus?


Question: Can You Freeze Hummus?
I love making my own hummus! The only problem is that I often end up making too much. I am single, in college, and have a very small refrigerator/freezer in my dorm room. I need the space in the refrigerator for fresh foods. I was wondering if it would be okay to freeze hummus after making it? If I can freeze it, will it taste different? My mother says that when you freeze food it can change the taste and even the consistency. Is this true?
Answer: Yes, you can absolutely freeze hummus! I do it all the time. I make a huge batch, save a little to eat for a week and I freeze the rest. Freezing hummus is as easy as freezing any other foods. You just have to follow a few guidelines to prevent spoilage.

Freeze hummus in an airtight, freezer safe container. Make sure you don't fill it all the way to the top because it will expand as it freezes. Some people like to freeze it in many small containers for portion control. This works great if you only want enough hummus for a snack and to maybe use on a sandwich, but not enough to feed 15 of your closest friends.

When you are ready to eat your frozen hummus, simply thaw in the refrigerator the day before you want to use it. When you remove the lid, you may notice some liquid at the top. This is completely normal and the hummus has simply separated. Give it a good stir and it should be ready to eat immediately. I like my hummus warm, so I pop it in the microwave for a few seconds, and that helps with the consistency as well.

Will the hummus taste different? It may taste a little different, but should not taste bad or spoiled. It also depends on what type of hummus you are making. There and hundreds of different flavors of hummus and I have noticed that regular chickpea traditional hummus holds its flavor very well when frozen. However, I once froze roasted red pepper hummus and it tasted much different. The freezing may make it a little blander. When this happens, I like to add some fresh onions or a little minced garlic to the hummus. It resurrects it instantly!

The consistency of the hummus should not change too much when you freeze it, either. You may find its a little thinner than fresh, but not to the point where it is not edible.

Once you thaw hummus in the refrigerator, it should be eaten within 4-7 days. Frozen hummus can keep in the freezer for at least 6 months, but I wouldn't go longer than a year.

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