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Middle Eastern Cooking Tips and Techniques

Learn how to cook Middle Eastern food like a pro with these helpful tips and techniques. Includes articles with photos showing how to prepare each recipe step by step.

How to Crush Garlic
There is nothing like using fresh, crushed garlic in recipes. Find out the proper way to crush garlic.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Middle Eastern Picnic Foods?
Who doesn't love a good picnic? Middle Eastern cuisine has plenty of fabulous recipes that can be served in an outdoor setting. Do you have a favorite?

Have You Ever Played a Cooking Video Game and Did You Learn A…
Video games that help teach you how to cook have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. Have you ever played one and did you learn anything from it?

How to Tell if Your Cooking Oil is Hot Enough
Quick and easy tips to tell if your cooking oil is hot enough to cook with.

How to Soak and Cook Dried Chickpeas
Learn how to properly soak and cook dried chickpeas.

Buying Koosa Seeds
Looking for koosa seeds but can't find them? Look here for ideas on where you can find koosa seeds.

Where Can I Find Couscous?
A look into where to find couscous in your local supermarket. Couscous is a very popular food, especially in the Middle East, specifically Northern Africa.

Lamb vs Mutton: What is the Difference Between Lamb and Mutton?
Lamb and mutton are two meats that are commonly used in Middle Eastern cooking. Both are sheep, but what is the difference?

6 Cooking Video Games That Will Teach You How to Cook
Who would have ever though a video game could teach us to cook? I certainly didn’t. Today, video game publishers are taking the industry beyond strategic game play and are using the video game to help us learn something new. What impresses me the most, though, are the new games designed to help you learn how to cook. I have tried quite a few of these “games” and I was, to say the least, am…

How to Cut Pita Bread
Learn how to easily cut pita without tearing it into pieces.

7 Pomegranate Recipes You Will Love
The pomegranate is one of the most healthy fuits, filled with rich antioxidants. Middle Eastern cuisine, especially Persian food, uses a lot of pomegranates in the cooking. Here are some delicious ways to get cooking with pomegranates to introduce them into your diet.

Cooking with Pumpkins
Learn how to pick, store, and cook with a pumpkin. They aren't just for decoration or carving, trust me!

Dates 101
A guide to cooking with dates, a fruit that is commonly eaten in the Middle East.

Figs 101
Learn more about figs, a common ingredient used in Persian cooking.

How to Cut Up a Chicken
The though of cutting your own chicken may seem difficult, but it it truly easy, once you have some simple instructions.

What is Squash?
What is squash? Learn more about this fabulous vegetable in this FAQ about squash.

What is a Rutabaga?
What is a rutabaga? Learn more about this interesting cooking ingredient in this FAQ about rutabagas.

What are Truffles?
What are truffles? Learn more about this tasty ingredient in this FAQ about truffles.

What are Parsnips?
What are parsnips? Learn more about this cousin of the carrot in this FAQ about parsnips.

What are Shallots?
What are shallots? Learn more about the vegetable in this FAq about shallots.

What are Scallions?
What are scallions? Many recipes call for scallions, but don't clarify what they are.

How to Steam Vegetables
Steaming vegetables is one of the most healthy way to cook! Learn how to perfectly steam veggetables on the stovetop and in the microwave!

Alcohol Substitution in Cooking
Listing of alcohol substitutions for cooking. This is very helpful for Muslims who are forbidden to consume alcohol, even in cooking.

Top 10 Indoor Grill Recipes
Have you ever been itching for a barbecue but the weather doesn’t want to seem to cooperate? I love to barbecue, but I can’t count how many times my grill dates have been rained out, that is, until I purchased an indoor grill!Rain or shine, I can tie my barbecue apron around my waist, grabs my tongs, slap on my chef’s hat (okay, maybe that is taking it a little too far) and fire…

Why You Need a Stand Mixer in Your Kitchen
Most people with stand mixers wonder how they survived before having a stand mixer. It is the ultimate, but useful kitchen luxury. Check out why you need a stand mixer in your kitchen.

The Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean diet is a popular diet among health conscious people. heck out how to incorporate your favorite Middle Eastern foods in to the Mediterranean diet.

Cooking Oils 101
There are so many cooking oils on the shelves, it may be hard to determine what type of oil you really need to be cooking with. Learn more about cooking oils.

Middle Eastern Cheese Varieties
Explore what cheeses are commonly eaten the Middle East! Cheese is a very important staple in many Middle Eastern regions.

Can You Freeze Stuffed Grape Leaves?
Grape leaves are best stuffed, but can be time consuming! Here are some tips for freezing this favorite Middle Eastern appetizer.

Lemon Juice: Fresh or Bottled?
Is using bottled lemon juice the same as fresh lemon juice in cooking? Learn more about cooking with lemon juice.

10 Must See Middle Eastern Cooking Videos
I love watching cooking shows. I am a self admitted foodie. Sometimes it is much easier to watch someone making a dish before you try it on your own. The same goes for Middle Eastern food. Check out these "How To" videos before making your next Middle Eastern dish.

Phyllo Dough Handling Tips
Discover vital tips and techniques for working with phyllo dough. Phyllo dough is thin dough that is often used in Middle Eastern and greek cooking.

Growing Your Own Herbs
Middle Eastern food contains many herbs that can easily be grown at home. Here you will find easy tips for growing your own herbs to be used in the kitchen.

Phyllo Dough
A reader asks what phyllo dough is in this FAQ. Learn more about phyllo and recommendations on where to buy and more.

How to Use Za'atar
Za'atar is seasoning traditionally used in the Middle East. it is commonly known for its use on flat breads like pita, but it has many other uses. Check out these ways to use za'atar in your everyday cooking.

Bitter Baba Ghannouj
Help! I just made baba ghannouj and it tastes very bitter. What did I do wrong? Discover how to make flavorful baba ghannouj without the bitter taste.

Bagged Spinach Safety
Is it safe to eat bagged spinach? Find out if you should eat bagged spinach, how to make eating it more safe, and more.

How to Deseed a Tomato
Learn how to remove the seeds from the tomato, with making a mess of the fruit!

How to Devein Shrimp
Learn how to devein shrimp the simple and easy way! Here you will find a simple way to devein shrimp to prepare for delicious recipes.

Cooking with Prawns
When looking for a tasty seafood dish, you can never go wrong with prawns. Check these tips for buying prawns, how to remove the shell and devein, and some fabulous prawn recipes!

Picking a Ripe Cantaloupe
Learn how to choose the perfectly ripe cantaloupe everytime with these tips.

Picking Ripe Watermelon
Watermelon is one of the most populat summer foods. When shopping for watermelon at the supermarket, how can you tell if the melon is ripe? Follow these tips for picking the best watermelon.

Tahini and Tahini Sauce
Want to know the difference between tahini and tahini sauce? This FAQ addresses the differences of tahini.

How Many Calories in Hummus?
HUmmus is a fantastic dip meade from chickpeas. Learn how many calories are in traditional hummus with tahini.

How to Separate Eggs
Learn the easiest way to separate egg white from yolk in this simple photo tutorial.

All About Chickpeas
Learn more about chickpeas, a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern cooking, including recipes that contain chickpeas.

How to Blanch Almonds
Blanched almonds are almonds without their skins. Blanched almonds are called for in many Middle Eastern recipes. Here is an easy way for you to blanch almonds at home![

How to Dice a Tomato
Dicing tomatoes is easy with this simpe "How To"! Diced tomatoes are used in a variety of dishes and in just about every region of the world!

How to Peel a Tomato
Learn how to peel a tomato with these easy instructions!

No More Tears! How to Avoid Crying While You Chop Onions
Learn some easy tips to avoid crying while chopping onions.

How to Select the Best Cut of Lamb
Can you tell fresh lamb from lamb that has been sitting for a few days? Learn how to select the the best cut for what you are cooking and how to determine is the lamb is fresh.

How to Keep Lamb Fresh
Proper storage is a necessity when handling any type of meat, including lamb. Learn how long lamb keeps in the refrigerator and freezer and to minimize bacteria growth.

Lamb Safety and Handling Tips
Tips for handling fresh lamb safely, preventing the soread of bacteria.

Cooking with Pomegranates
The pomegranate is one of the oldest, yet forgotten fruits. Learn how to pick the perfect pomegranate, storing the fruit and cooking tips. Includes fabulous pomegranate recipes.

How to Cook with Hot Peppers Without Getting Burned
Learn how to maximize cooking with hot peppers, while minimizing the chances of being burned.

How to Juice a Pomegranate
Pomegranate juice is both healthy and tasty! Learn how to juice pomegranates to make your own juice, molasses, or syrup.

How to Toast Almonds
Learn how to toast almonds to use in salads and other recipes.

How to De-Seed a Pomegranate
Learn how to properly and easily remove the seeds from a pomegranate.

Preserved Lemons 101
Preserved lemons are popping up in many recipes these days.Popular in Moroccan cuisine, preserved lemons are delicious is many foods. Learn how to make preserved lemons today.

How to Roast Garlic
Save time and money by roasting garlic in your own kitchen! LEarn how to roast garlic in these easy, quick steps.

How to Crush Garlic
Many Middle Eastern recipes call for crushed garlic. Learn how to crush garlic at hom,e the easy way.

How to Properly Store Cheese
Learn the best way to store cheese and prevent it from molding.

How to Safely Heat Serving Plates
Learn how to safely heat serving plates, just like at your favorite restaurant.

How to Store Garlic and Keep it Fresh
Learn the proper way to store garlic and keep it fresh.

Washing and Soaking Rice Before Cooking - Is it Necessary?
Answer to an age ols question about washing and soaking rice before cooking.

Shawarma 101: Tips for Making Shawarma
Tips for making the popular shawarma sandwich.

How to Make the Perfect Boiled Egg
Making the perfect hard boiled egg is a cinch with these tips!

How to Get Rid of Garlic Smell from Your Hands
A quick tip on how to remove the garlic smell on your hands after chopping it. Garlic has a very persistant odor that can be difficult to remove from hands.

Best Boxed Falafel Mixes
There are many different types of falfel mixes on the market and some just aren't as good as others. Find out which past my test for the best trasting boxed falafel.

Basic Cooking Terms and Techniques for Beginners
So, you have learned how to boil water and make white rice? Here are some essential terms to take you to the next level! A listing if the basic cooking terms for beginners to include the basics of chopping, slicing, dicing, julienne and more!

Fun Ways To Eat Pita Bread
Pita bread is a staple in the Middle East and there are many ways to eat it. Explore the different ways to eat pita bread in this list.

Tips for Drinking Arabic/Turkish Coffee
Quick tips for ordering and drinking Arabic/Turkish coffee.

Tips for Cooking with Nuts
Nuts are used in many Middle Eastern dishes. Learn tips on how to make the most out of nuts.

Perfect Pita Bread - Step By Step Photo Guide to Making Pita Bread
Want to make the perfect pita bread? Learn how in this step by step guide featuring detailed photographs. Pita bread is a staple in Middle eastern diets.

Tips for Handling Phyllo (Filo) Pastry Dough
From About Greek Cooking, this tip sheet for handling phyllo (filo) dough is a must read before cooking with filo dough.

Tips for Buying Middle Eastern Food Ingredients
Having trouble finding ingredients for your favorite Middle Eastern recipes? These tips will help you locate ingredients through local grocers and online Middle eastern stores.

What are Your Favorite Middle Eastern Summertime Dishes?
Summertime always makes me think of salads and cook-outs. There isn't a more perfect time to break out the fresh veggies to cool and satisfy on a hot, summer day. What are some of you favorite summertime dishes?

Top Ten Ways to Make the Most of Your Leftovers
Everyone of us, at one time or another, has made a delicious meal only to be left with leftovers. In my household, I constantly have food left over after a meal. I tend to cook far more than I need simply because I love cooking. I honestly hate to waste, but I don't always want the same dinner two nights in a row. That's when it's time to get creative. There is no reason to throw out leftover fo…

How to Prepare Fresh Pumpkin Puree
Although fresh pumpkin doesn't differ too much from canned pumpkin, take advantage of the season by using fresh pumpkin in your holiday recipes.

How to Steam Broccoli
Learn how to steam fresh broccoli in this tutorial about steaming fresh broccoli. Broccoli is chock full of nutrients we need for optimum health.

How to Make Steamed Asparagus
Want to make steamed asparagus to go with that amazing chicken recipe? Learn how to make steamed asparagus in this easy to prepare recipe.

Pumpkin Recipes for Fall
Pumpkins are a great fruit for fall. Check out these pumpkin recipes using canned pumpkin or fresh pumpkins.

How to Cut Butternut Squash
Learn how to peel and cut butternut squash in this easy tutorial.

How Do I Freeze Pita Bread?
Pita bread can definitely be frozen. Learn how to freeze pita bread safely and the best way to thaw it out.

How do I shell fava beans?
Learn how to to shell fava beans, one of the Middle East's most consumed vegetable!

Can You Freeze Hummus?
Can you freeze hummus? Learn how to freeze hummus in this FAQ.

Can I Freeze Falafel?
A reader asks if freezing falafel will make the taste and consistency change.

What is flatbread?
Learn more about flatbread and how you can cook with it in this FAQ.

What is the best type of beef for making shish kebabs?
Learn what the best cut of beef to use for making kebabs.

How can I make beef shish kebabs more tender on the grill?
Tender kebabs are an attainable goal with these easy tips.

What is ghee?
Learn more about ghee and clarified butter -- a common ingredient in Middle Eastern food.

The Big Green Egg and Middle Eastern Food
The Big Green Egg is a relatively new grill/smoker on the market. Learn more about the Big Green Egg and how you can use it to make your favorite Middle Eastern recipes.

5 Reasons to Not Eat Store Bought Hummus
Why should you make hummus at home instead of buying it at the store? It is super easy and tastes way better than any supermarket's hummus selection.

20 Foods You Should Learn to Say Correctly
Do you know how to properly pronounce quinoa and edamame? Are you sure? Read this article to learn if you are saying the most commonly mispronounced foods correctly.

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