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Classic Middle Eastern Dishes


Just as apple pie is American, the Middle East boasts its "signature" dishes. From delectable appetizers to unforgettable desserts, these classic Middle Eastern dishes help define Middle Eastern food culture, as well as out appetites.
  1. The Traditional Mezze
  2. Traditional Chicken Dishes
  3. Beef Dishes For Every Occasion

The Traditional Mezze

The mezze, or appetizer, is an important part of Middle Eastern food culture. Appetizers in the Middle Eastern are different than western food culture in that several small dishes are served at once. It is not uncommon for dozens of appetizers to be served at a family celebration. This of course in addition to main dishes, salads, side dishes and desserts!

Traditional Chicken Dishes

Middle Eastern cuisine boasts many delicious chicken dishes. Chicken is popular because it can be prepared many different ways and many spices compliment chicken.

Beef Dishes For Every Occasion

From meatballs to roast beef, Middle Eastern cuisine has twist for classic favorites!

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