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5 Delicious Ramadan Desserts

Special Sweets and Treats Served During Ramadan


Ramadan is the Islamic holy fasting month. Each day the fast broken at sun down, and an array of food is served, to include special desserts. Some of the desserts are served only during Ramadan. I like to compare the desserts to eggnog or fruit cake at Christmas - I can't imagine anyone rinking eggnog or a fruitcake in the middle of summer. The principle is the same for the special desserts.


Yucel Tellicci
Baklava may be served throughout the year, but is also a common dessert during Ramadan. This sweet, flaky dessert us super easy to make, but be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get a little sticky!


Basbousa is a semolina cake with almonds. Like baklava, it is drizzled with a syrup, making it not too sweet, but enough to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Konfah with Cheese

Shredded phyllo, sweet cheese, and syrup make this dessert mouth watering! Konafah is a special Ramadan dessert and one that people truly anticipate for the holiday!

Qatayef with Nuts

Qatayef is a special dessert, commonly served during Ramadan. Sometimes called "arabic pancakes", qatayef is filled with nuts and then fried.

Qatayef with Cheese

This quatayef variation is as delicious as it is easy to make! Cheese filled "pancakes" that are fried or baked make this dessert the dessert of all desserts during Ramadan.
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