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Top 10 Pomegranate Recipes for Christmas

Pomegranate Favorites for Your Christmas Menu


Pomegranates make a wonderful addition to your holiday meals, particularly at Christmas. The flavor of the pomegranate is so versatile it can be used in everything from meat dishes to desserts. Not only do pomegranates provide an exceptional flavor, their color makes for a pleasing presentation. The deep red of the pomegranate could not be more fitting for Christmas. Read on to discover my top ten pomegranate recipes for Christmas that will tempt you into making the pomegranate the star of your holiday menu.

1. Pomegranate Stuffing

This twist on a traditional favorite pairs perfectly with turkey or any poultry dish. Using a handful of ingredients, this is a quick and easy replacement for boxed stuffing mix.

2. Grilled Eggplant with Pomegranate Syrup

Grilled eggplant with pomegranate syrup makes for the perfect side along any main dish. Eggplant is drizzled with a sweet and simple pomegranate syrup that will leave your mouth watering for more. Perfect as a vegetarian side dish during the holidays.

3. Lamb Fesenjan

Lamb fesenjan is a unique and delicious lamb dish. Tender lamb cubes are surrounded by walnuts and a pomegranate sauce. Try this and find out what makes it a Persian favorite.

4. Cranberry Pomegranate Relish

Pomegranates pair with one of the most popular flavors of the holdidays - cranberry - and will add the perfect touch, and taste, to your holiday menu.

5. Sweet Potatoes with Pomegranate Glaze

Nothing says the holidays like sweet potatoes. Add some pomegranate glaze and you've got a unique and memorable side dish sure to become a tradition to your Christmas menu.

6. Pomegranate Chutney

For those having chicken on their holiday menu, pomegranate chutney is the way to go. This simple recipe can be made in a pinch and ready to go when your main dish is done.

7. Grilled Lamb Chops with Pomegranate Barbecue Sauce

Don't let the barbecue portion of this recipe fool you. If you keep your indoor grill handy at all during the winter months, it will be for this recipe.

8. Spinach Salad with Pomegranate and Chickpeas

This simple salad can take its place among the most elegant of table settings. Baby spinach leaves are paired with pomegranate, chickpeas, and walnuts for a salad pleasing to the eye and palate.

9. Pomegranate Molasses

This staple of Middle Eastern cooking can be used as a drizzle for desserts, a marinade, or as a glaze or rub. This is one pomegranate recipe you can get creative with.

10. Pomegranate Tea

Served hot or cold, this pomegranate tea makes for a tasty beverage to include with your holiday meal. It is so full of flavor and can be made in minutes.

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