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Middle Eastern Holidays and Special Occasion Food Recipes and Planning

There are many holidays and special occasions in the Middle eastern culture in which you would serve certain foods. Learn what foods are typically served during Ramadan and Eid al Fitr, Christmas, and other holidays.

Top 10 Middle Eastern Picnic Foods
One of my favorite things about spring and summer is that I can take my meals outdoors. There is nothing more fun to me than being surrounded by my family and friends in an outdoor setting, talking and sharing a good meal. Middle Eastern cuisine has some excellent choices for picnic foods. I've compiled a list of my favorites that are simple to cook and stay fresh and tasty outside. This list on…

What Are Some of Your Favorite Foods to Serve on Special Occasions?
Special occasions are times when you get into the kitchen and prepare your best dish. What is your favorite meal to serve on special occasions?

How to Host a Middle Eastern Food Party on a Budget
Want to host a Middle Eastern food tasting party, but your wallet is saying "no"? Check out these easy ways to sut costs without cutting quality in your food offering.

Why Do People Eat Dates During Ramadan?
A look into the significance of dates during Ramadan.

Top 10 Middle Eastern Easter Foods
Contrary to popular belief, not all Middle Eastern people are Muslim. Actually, statistics show that up to 70% of Middle Eastern people living in the U.S. are of the Christian faith. With Easter Sunday approaching, Middle Eastern Christians are busy preparing their Easter menus. Here are some great Easter dinner ideas with a Middle Eastern twist.

Healthy Superbowl Party Foods with a Middle Eastern Flair
Check out these healthy Superbowl party foods with a Middle Eastern flair!

5 Delicious Ramadan Desserts
Ramadan is an Islamic holy month of fasting. When the fast is broken each day, special desserts are served. Check out these desserts that are commonly served during Ramadan.

Ramadan Recipes
Food plays a big part in the celebration of Ramadan. Features are several Ramadan recipes and meal ideas.

Ramadan 101
Learn more about Ramadan, one of the most holiest holidays among Muslims. Ramadan is observed by fasting.

MIddle Eastern Side Dishes for Thanksgiving
An index of Middle Eastern recipes for your Thanksgiving side dishes. There are several side dishes that will wow your guests!

Middle Eastern Christmas Recipes

Popular Party Snacks
Throw a party that your guests will be talking about for days! These great party food suggestions are perfect for vegetarian and meat eating guests!

Meal Ideas for Ramadan
Guide to meal planning during Ramadan, the holy month of fasting for Muslims.

Finjan Erfeh - Spicy Tea
Recipe for the tea finjan erfeh. Finjan erfeh is a spicy tea usually served to guests coming to see a newborn baby.

Turkish Pide
Recipe for Turkish Pide, a festival bread topped with sesame seeds and fennel seeds. It is popular during Ramadan.

Challah Bread
Learn how to make challah, a Jewish bread.

Halal Cooking
Halal is an Islamic method of food preparation and consuming under Islamic law. Learn more about Halal food and cooking in this article from About Islam.

Chorba is like a minestrone. It is a tomato based soup with lentils and veggies. It hails from Morocco, so expect a burst a flavor with blends of spices. Chorba is a popular Ramadan food.

Learn more about Ramadan, one of the most holiest holidays among Muslims.
Learn more about Ramadan, one of the most holiest holidays among Muslims.

Cranberry Pomegranate Relish
This cranberry pomegranate relish will add the perfect touch to your Thanksgiving table.

Top 10 Pomegranate Recipes for Christmas
Pomegranates make a wonderful addition to your holiday meals, particularly at Christmas. The flavor of the pomegranate is so versatile it can be used in everything from meat dishes to desserts. Not only do pomegranates provide an exceptional flavor, their color makes for a pleasing presentation. The deep red of the pomegranate could not be...

Top Middle Eastern Recipes Using Pumpkin

Fall for the flavor of pumpkin this Autumn with these Middle Eastern recipes that feature the popular fruit. While canned pumpkin is available all year round, take advantage of fresh pumpkins, if you can, which you'll start to see early October. These dishes are sure you get you into a seasonal mood with their aroma, appearance, and flavor.

Top 10 Date Recipes for Christmas

Any recipe that uses dates will make a wonderful addition to your holiday table. Dates are delicious in muffins, breads, and sweets, and we all know how much a part of Christmas sweets are. Try some of these recipes when planning your holiday meal and your table will be certain to be a seasonal success!

Sweet Potato Recipes for Thanksgiving
Looking for a sweet potato recipe for Thanksgiving? Look no further. Check out these recipes for both exotic and traditional Thanksgiving fare made with sweet potatoes.

Cranberry Recipes for Thanksgiving
Looking for the perfect cranberry recipe for Thanksgiving? From cranberry sauce to cranberry stuffing, there is a recipe here for every palette.

New Year's Eve Appetizers
Check out these New Year's Eve appetizer recipes and ideas. They are all simple to make and have a Middle Eastern flair. Definitely crowd pleasers!

10 Superbowl Hummus Recipes
Hummus is a great party food for your Superbowl spread. Check out these hummus recipes that are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

10 Super Bowl Grill Recipes
These grill recipes are perfect for the Superbowl or any other sporting event. Bad weather? No worries, they can all be made indoors with an indoor grill.

How are birthdays celebrated in Egypt?
How are birthdays celebrated in Egypt? Discover Egyptian birthday traditions in the reader FAQ.

Halloween Hummus Recipes
These hummus recipes are perfect for Halloween!

Ramadan 2014 Recipes
Looking for special Ramadan recipes? Check out these recipes for Ramadan.

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