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Middle Eastern Rice Recipes

Rice is a common side dish in the Middle East and many main dishes are served over rice.

Rice with Zucchini Recipe
This is a great side dish that combines rice with sauteed zucchini. It is a great side dish for grilled or baked chicken. This recipe is perfect for beginners.

Tah-Dig Recipe
Tah-dig is a persian rice dish that is absolutely delicious! It is crusted rice that is found at the bottom of then pan after rice cooks. It is served alone or with stews and other dishes.

Spinach Pilaf Recipe
This is a perfect dish that you can dress up or down. Serve it with a simple chicken breast or something more sophisticated like a marinated lamb or veal cutlet. Add a salad and you are done!

Easy Rice Pilaf Recipe
This easy rice pilaf recipe is a delicious side dish! It goes great with chicken or lamb! It is definitely one of my favorites to serve my family and friends.

Chicken Pilaf Recipe
This is such an easy dish to make because it is all done in one pot -- easy cleanup! Chicken pilaf is perfect paired with a light salad.

Saffron Pilaf
Saffron pilaf is a flavorful side that is great chicken. It is extremely easy to prepare.

Dill Rice
Add a little kick to basic white rice with a little dill and some lemon.

Bulghur Pilaf
Bulghur pilaf is much like rice and makes a perfect side dish to an y poulty dish.

Rice and Onions
Rice with onions is a great side dish for seafoods, especially simple fish dishes.

Chelo Recipe - Iranian Light, Fluffy Rice
Chelo is rice that is light and fluffy, and is served over a meat or sauce. This recipe for chelo is easy and will produce rice like you have never had before!

White Rice - How to Make Basic White Rice
White rice is so important in Middle Eastern cuisine. Although this is a very basic recipe, many beginner cooks or those who don't cook at all may not know how to make white tice. Learn how to make white rice in this super easy recipe.

Lebanese Rice
Recipe for the lebanese style of preparing rice.

Birum Ruz - Rice Casserole
Recipe for biram ruz, a rice dish native to Egypt.

Mujadarra - Rice and Lentils
Recipe for mujadarra, a lentils and rice side dish with tons of flavor.

Ful Medames - Egyptian Fava Beans
Ful Medames is a common breakfast dish in Egypt. It is served with an egg and pita bread. It makes a very hearty breakfast! Ful Medames is a national dish of Egypt. This recipe is thousand of years old.

Basmati Rice with Pine Nuts
A fabulous side dish full of nutty flavor.

Fig Pilaf
This fabulous fig pilaf is sure to bring lots of flavor to your dinner table.

What is Your Favorite Rice Dish?
Rice is one of the most versatile of side dishes. Different varieties and ingredients added make rice the perfect pairing with any main course.

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