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Easy Middle Eastern Meals


An easy recipe is a meal everyone looks forward to preparing, even the most experienced chefs. Unfortunately, many people have the misconception that an easy meal won't be as delicious or sophisticated as more challenging recipes. Simplicity is a beautiful concept, especially in cooking, and never compromises flavor or presentation.
  1. Simple Middle Eastern Appetizers
  2. Salads Made Easy
  3. Desserts Done with Ease
  4. Side Dishes in Half the Time
  5. Just Grill It

Simple Middle Eastern Appetizers

The mezze part of Middle Eastern meal is comparable to an appetizer in western food culture. In the Middle East, however, the mezze can consist of many different small dishes served individually on small plates. Celebrations and get together menus often offer dozens of appetizers to choose from.

Salads Made Easy

A salad adds color and flavor to a meal. In fact, some salads can be a meal by itself!

Desserts Done with Ease

A meal is not complete without a delicious dessert to top it off! Tasty desserts do not have to be difficult. Try these super simple desserts to complete your next meal.

Side Dishes in Half the Time

Explore how easy cooking can be with these simple side dishes.

Just Grill It

Grilling has to be the most simple method of cooking and leaves little for clean up. Now that's my kind of cooking! The most elaborate of meals are simplified by grilling them.

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