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Different Ways to use Hummus


Question: Different Ways to use Hummus
I love hummus. I use it all the time as a dip for my favorite vegetables and when I make pita chips. Are there any other ways that I can use hummus besides as a dip?
Answer: You are not alone in your love for hummus. I agree that it is the perfect dip, and with all the variations of hummus your tastebuds will never be bored with the same flavor! Hummus can be used in other recipes besides as a dip. One of my favorites is cherry tomatoes filled with hummus. Cut off the tops of cherry tomatoes, scoop out the seeds, and use a piping bag to fill each tomato with hummus. You can also go bigger with hummus filled tomatoes, where different flavors of hummus can be used for a unique appetizer.

Hummus is also wonderful as a filling for deviled eggs. For this recipe, hummus replaces the typical egg yolks as you would normally find as a filling. I also have to mention crostini with shaved roast beef, topped with hummus. Place hot pieces of shaved roast beef on crostini and top with a scoop of hummus. I serve this often at parties and get togethers. Not only does it make a great presentation, but the flavors really compliment each other and make for a satisfying appetizer.

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