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Staple Ingredients


Question: Staple Ingredients
I'm just learning how to cook some Middle Eastern dishes, and I want to know if there are some staple ingredients I should have on hand at all times. What would you suggest I keep my pantry stocked with?
Answer: I applaud you for taking on Middle Eastern cuisine! I hope you are finding it easy and discovering many new and amazing flavors. Middle Eastern food is perfect for beginners, and I do suggest you have some staples on hand at all times. My first recommendation would be canned chickpeas. Chickpeas are used in some of the most popular Middle Eastern dishes, such as hummus and falafel. They are also the perfect snack as is, or sprinkled onto salads.

Olive oil is another must have, as it is used in hummus and many other recipes. You'll definitely need wheat flour if you'll be making your own pita bread. Spices are important, as well, such as coriander and tumeric. A popular Middle Eastern spice that you can make on your own is za'atar. This is a spice that can be used on just about anything. I make sure to always have this on hand.

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