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What is Ghee?


Question: What is Ghee?
I often hear you mention "ghee" in your recipes. What is ghee? Can I buy it in my supermarket?
Answer: Ghee is a clarified butter used in Middle Eastern and Asian cooking. It is common in Indian cuisine, but you will find it in Middle Eastern recipes as well.

By heating butter, the fat and moiture are separated, and the butter fat is then spooned from the top - the result is ghee!

Ghee has a longer shelf life than standard butter and has a nutty, unique flavor. In Middle Eastern countries, it is used to replace oils and butter in recipes. It makes an excellent oil for sauteing vegetables.

You may be able to purchase ghee in your local supermarket in the ethnic food section. It may be labeled as "clarified butter" or "ghee". Ghee can also be made at home by using this ghee recipe.
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