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English Cucumbers versus Regular Cucumbers

What the Difference Between English and Regular Cucumbers?


Slicing cucumber
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You may think a cucumber is just a cucumber, right? There are actually close to 100 varieties of cucumbers grown in the world. Two of the most common are the English cucumber, and the regular slicer cucumber we use most often in our dishes.

While both these varieties are similar in appearance, there are differences which make them unique in the way they are prepared and consumed. Read on to discover these differences, and decide which cucumber will be the better addition to your next meal.

Slicer Cucumbers

  • Skin is waxy and tough Dark green color is more uniform
  • Taste is more bitter
  • Less expensive
  • For a less bitter flavor, skin and seeds should be removed

English Cucumbers

  • Longer and more narrow than Slicers
  • Most times wrapped in plastic and unwaxed
  • Seeds are much smaller and is sometimes confused with being seedless
  • Taste is less bitter, almost sweet
  • Skin is thinner
  • Sometimes labeled for sale as “seedless” or “burpless”
Whatever cucumber you choose for your salads is really based on personal preference. For some the extra cost for an English cucumber is worth it, but for other's, it isn't. Some people like a lot of seeds; other prefer few seeds. Both taste great and are a crispy, refreshing addition to any salad or meal.
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