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Middle Eastern Cooking Basics


Middle Eastern food is a cuisine built on tradition, history, and passion. Many of the ingredients and techniques used today are identical to those used in ancient Egypt. It is a cuisine that anyone can master, but you have to learn the basics! It is essential to know the spices, essential ingredients, where to shop, and basic cooking techniques.
  1. Middle Eastern Food Culture
  2. Essential Ingredients and Kitchen Tools
  3. Cooking Tips and Techniques

Middle Eastern Food Culture

Food plays an important role in Middle Eastern culture. Each region has its own unique characteristics and food helps define the culture. In the Middle East, large family dinners can consist of over twenty dishes and take several days to prepare. In the Middle East, food is about family, friends, and celebration.

Essential Ingredients and Kitchen Tools

To be a success in the kitchen, you must have the right tools, very much like an artist with the right brushes and paints. The great aspect of Middle Eastern cooking is that you really don't need fancy gadgets or very many special tools to prepare a fantastic dish. Ingredients are essentials, just like in any type of cuisine. The Middle East boasts many unique ingredients, but are usually easy to find in specialty shops or ethnic grocers.

Cooking Tips and Techniques

Learning Middle Eastern cooking tips and techniques will bring both speed, precision, and flair to your cooking. You will find that the very basics are the same with any type of cuisine.

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