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Middle Eastern Food and Culture 101

Discover the traditions and culture of Middle Eastern food, a cuisine rich in tradition and history. Learn the spices and how each is different according to region and how to stock your very own Middle Eastern pantry. You will soon be on to making your favorite restaurant dishes in your own kitchen!
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In What Ways Are You Saving Money and Cooking Within Your Budget?
In today's economy, food prices have gone up and it may be difficult to feel we're cooking healthy and tasty meals the way we want to. What are some ways in which you save money and cook within your budget?

What is One Cooking Tool or Utensil You Could Not Live Without?
We all have that one favorite kitchen tool or utensil we prefer to use above any other. What is the one item in your kitchen you could not live without?

What is the Most Exotic or Bizarre Food You Have Ever Eaten?
Some popular television shows feature strange and exotic foods. While they may not be for everyone, they are a delicacy for some. What is the most bizarre food you have ever eaten?

Share Your Most Memorable Experience Cooking Middle Eastern Food
Have a memorable experience cooking Middle Eastern food? Whether it was a hit or miss, made you laugh or made you cry, submit your story and photos here. Share with others your experiences cooking your favorite recipes or trying something new.

Cooking Middle Eastern Food - What was Your First Experience Cooking …
If you love Middle Eastern food, you may have already tried your hand at cooking it. Many recipes are very easy and perfect for beginners. Whether you tried a simple appetizer or took on a main dish, what was your first experience cooking Middle Eastern food? Share your story here!

Eating Falafel - What is Your Favorite Way to Eat Falafel?
What is your favorite way to eat falafel? Some like it in pita, some like it plain. You can choose to have it with hot sauce, garlic sauce, or ketchup in a McFalafel. With all the different ways you can eat falafel, what is yours?

Ramadan Foods - What are Your Favorite Ramadan Foods?
What are your favorite Ramadan foods? Do you have have special foods that you serve during Ramadan? Share your Ramadan food traditions and read what are serve for the iftar.

Buying Pita Bread
Pita bread is a popular bread in the Middle East. Here are some tips for finding it in the store.

Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Middle Eastern Food
In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs, particularly when it comes to food. Food prices have gone up and it may not be so easy to afford ingredients for our favorite dishes anymore. It may seem difficult, but there are ways to save money at the grocery store. I’ve come up with a list of ten different ways to continue eating what you like while keeping pennies in your po…

Halal Turkey
You can find a halal turkey this Thanksgiving. Here are some tips about what a halal turkey is, why it is important to followers of Islam, and where to find one.

5 Ramadan Books for your Early Reader
A listing of great Ramadan books for small children.

Top 5 Ramadan Ways Your Kids Can Celebrate Ramadan

Middle Eastern Food Recipe Index
Alphabetized listing of all Middle Eastern recipes on the About Middle Eastern food site.

Metric Conversions
Here you will find a list of common metric conversions in cooking.

Bulghur Wheat 101
Bulghur wheat is a common ingresient in Middle Eastern cooking. Learn more about bulghur wheat and recipes that contain it.

Fava Beans 101
Learn more about the fava bean a common Middle Eastern food ingredient. Fava beans are very popular in Egyptian cuisine.

Olive Oil
Explore the many types of olive oil and how they can be used in your kitchen and also to boost health!

Middle Eastern Food Recipe Index
Index of recipes from About.com Middle Eastern Food site.

The Maghreb
Learn more about the Maghreb, a specialized region in North Africa that boasts influences from the Middle Rast and several other regions.

Parsley 101
One of the most versatile herbs used in Middle Eastern cooking is, without a doubt, parsley. It is commonly used as a garnish, but more popularly used as a spice. Learn more about this inexpesive and flavorful herb.

Stuffed Camel: Fact or Fiction
Is there really a recipe for stuffed camel? Do people in the Middle East consume stuffed camels? Find out the answer here in this FAQ.

Middle Eastern Food Myths
Separate fact from fiction in this article about Middle Eastern Food Myths! Middle Eastern fare has something for everyone! Check out these myths and learn more about one of the world's oldest cuisines!

Hookah 101
Learn more about the hookah, a type of water pipe smoking that hails from the Middle East.

Tasseography, or the art of fortune telling from tea leaves or coffee grounds is popular in the Middle East. Find out more about this centuries old method of fortune reading.

Introduction to Middle Eastern Food and Cooking
Discover Middle Eastern history and traditions through it;s food. This article teaches the basics of Middle Eastern culture and cuisine. Learn what countries are considered "Middle Eastern".

Top 10 Middle Eastern Recipes for bBeginners
New to cooking or Middle Eastern cooking? Try out these easy Middle Eastern recipes for beginners.

Top 5 Reasons to Try Middle Eastern Food
Want to try Middle Eastern food, but maybe feel a little wary? Look no furhter. Here are top reasons why Middle eastern food is good for everyone.

Halal Food
A look into halal foods, which are very common in the Middle East.

The Most Popular Middle Eastern Foods Photo Gallery
A collection of phtots of the most popular and recognized Middle Eastern foods worldwide.

Gifts for the Cooking Enthusiast
Everyone has that one person in the family who is just kitchem savvy; whether it be a novice or expert. Here are some great gifts for the chef in your life!

Top 10 Most Popular Middle Eastern Foods
A lisitng of the most popular Middle Eastern foods with their recipes.

Tips for Buying Middle Eastern Food Ingredients
Having trouble finding ingredients for your favorite Middle Eastern recipes? These tips will help you locate ingredients through local grocers and online Middle eastern stores.

Kitchen Utensils and Essentials for Middle Eastern Cooking
A list of recommended kitchen supplies when cooking Middle Eastern food.

Cooking with Eggplant
Eggplant is one of the most versatile vegetables and can me made a variety of ways. Check out great eggplant recipes, tips for cooking with eggplant, and tips for selection and storage.

Common Arabic Food Translations
When cooking Middle Eastern food, you may come across arabic words. This handy food traslation guide will help you!

Ancient Egyptian Foods And Recipes?
Learn what the ancient Egyptians ate and how to make the same foods at home! Many ancient Egyptian recipes are still served today!

How to Learn Arabic
There are many ways to learn Arabic. Traditional classrooms and online classes are one of the easiest ways to learn the arabic language. Here you will find methods to learning Arabic and reviews of online classes and courses.

4 Tagines for Moroccan and North African Cooking
A buyers guide for purchasing tagines. A tagine is a cooking instrument used in Moroccan and other North African recipes.

Falafel 101
Tips and recipes for making felafel.

Hummus 101
Everything you ever wanted to know about hummus byt was afraid to ask! Learn the history of hummus and search a collection of hummus recipes.

Favorite Middle Eastern Vegetarian Foods
a look at the most popular Middle Eastern vegetarian foods.

Mertric Conversion Calculator
About Souther Food provides an easy chart to convert measurements. In Middle Eastern cooking, you may encounter metric measurements, and this handy calculator will do all the work for you!

How do you Involve Your Children When Celebrating Ramadan?
It is recommended that during Ramadan adolescents who have reached puberty (about 12-13 years of age) to take part in Ramadan traditions like prayer and fasting. But what about kids who are younger? How can they celebrate and learn more about Ramadan without fasting?

What do you Serve in Your Bread Bowl?
Bread bowls are a unique and tasty way to serve some of your favorite soups, salads, and dips. Not only can you get creative with what to put in them, but you can further make a bread bowl unique by what type of bread you use, as well as the size of the bread. They really are a fun way to serve some of your favorite foods!

Have you Ever had Your Fortune Read With Tea Leaves or Coffee Grounds?
Tasseography, or the art of fortune telling from tea leaves or coffee grounds, is popular in the Middle East. Also known as "fal," it's a method where an "expert" will search the grounds of leaves left in your cup from coffee and tea and tell your fortune based on symbols found in them. Have you ever had your fortune read using this method?

Share Your Hummus Photos
Have you ever made your own hummus and thought it turned out picture perfect? If so, share your photos here! See submissions

Pita Bread Pictures
Have you ever made your own pita bread and thought it turned out picture perfect? If so, share your photos here!

Falafel Pictures
Make the ultimate falafel? Share your pictures here!

Where do you buy Middle Eastern Ingredients?
Shopping for Middle Eastern ingredients may not always be easy. Local grocery stores do not always carry specialty type items, and not all of us live close to a Middle Eastern market. Where do you buy your ingredients?

How do you Make the Most of Your Leftovers?
Do you have some creative ways to use leftover food? If so, share your ideas here!

How do you Incorporate Middle Eastern Food into your Holiday Meals?
Although not celebrated in the Middle East, some holidays, such as Thanksgiving, are celebrated by several Middle Eastern Americans. If you celebrate a traditional American holiday, how do you incorporate Middle Eastern food into it?

How Were you First Introduced to Middle Eastern Food?
Trying a new cuisine can either be by accident or intentional. When was the first time you were introduced to Middle Eastern food?

Besides in Hummus, How do you Use Tahini?
Tahini may be far more versatile than you think. Other than in hummus, how do you use tahini?

Is Hummus Greek or Middle Eastern?
A reader asks whether hummus is Greek or Middle Eastern. Find out the answer here in this FAQ.

Why don't you have very many pork recipes on the Middle Eastern Food site?
Learn why there are no pork recipes on the Middle Eastern food site at About.com.

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