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Tagine Definition

Le Creuset Moroccan Tagine

Definition: A tagine is like a casserole dish used in North African cooking, most commonly in Morocco. It consists of two pieces - a plate like bottom and a conical shaped lid. The bottom doubles as a serving dish, which comes in handy for nomads.

Tagines can be purchased in many cooking stores or online. Many can be used on the stovetop or in the oven. Although a little pricey, the Le Creuset Moroccan Tagine is the best one I have found in stores. it produces an aromatic flavor and the meat comes out very tender.

Tagines also makes really unique serving pieces. Place it on the table with a trivet and you have an instant conversation piece.
Pronunciation: tay-jean
Alternate Spellings: Tajine
Common Misspellings: tageen
Cooking the chicken in a tagine.
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