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Bulghur Wheat


Definition: Bulghur wheat are kernels of wheat that have been boiled, allowed to dry and then crushed. Bulghur wheat comes in three different textures: fine, medium and coarse. The texture may be labeled as #1, #2, and #3 on packages. You may also find it sold in freezer bags in Middle Eastern stores.

Bulghur wheat is used in salads like tabbouleh. It has a soft, gummy feel and takes very little time to prepare.

It is often confused with cracked wheat, however they are not the same. They can, however, be substituted for one another in recipes.
Pronunciation: bul-ger
Also Known As: cracked wheat, but is not the same
Alternate Spellings: bulgar bulgur
The tabbouleh recipe calls for 1 cup of bulghur wheat.
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