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Glossary of Food Terms

This glossary features cooking terms and ingredients, featuring translation and pronunciation information.

Halloumi cheese is a Middle Eastern cheese. LEarn more about halloumi and how it is eaten.

Jibneh Arabieh
Jibneh Arabieh is a type of Middle Eastern cheese, Learn more about nabulsi and how it is eaten.

Ackawi is a Middle Eastern cheese that is very popular. Learn more about ackawi and how it is eaten.

Labneh is a very popular Middle Eastern cheese. Learn what labneh is and how to eat it.

Feta Cheese
Learn more about feta cheese in this Middle Eastern Food glossary.

What is a souk? Find out what a souk in in Middle Eastern culture.

English Cucumber
An English cucumber is a variety of cucumber that differs from your common cucumber.

Lamb Shank
Learn what a lamb shank is and how it is used in cooking.

Rose Water
Learn what rose water is and how it is used in Middle Eastern cooking.

What is chai? Chai is a term commonly used at local coffee houses, but is very incorrect in their usage.

Kabseh spice
What is kabseh spice? Learn what kabseh spice is and how it is used in Middle Eastern cooking.

Definition of and recipe link for Qatayef, a special Middle Eastern dessert.

Definition of piyaz, a Middle Eastern food. Includes recipe.

Definition of kisir, a grain dish in the Middle East.

Learn more about the spice cardamom in the Middle Eastern Food glossary.

Learn more about the McFalafel, McDonalds restaurant fare in Egypt.

Water Bath
Culinary definition of water bath.

Culinary definition of zest, such as lemon zest.

Steeping is a commonly used cooking term. What does steeping mean?

Definition of scoring, a common cooking term used in culinary arts.

Definition of panbroil, a cooking term.

Learn more about the Maghreb region in North Africa that has many cultural influences.

Baba Ghannouj
Learn more about one of the most popular Middle Eastern dips that is made from eggplant.

Definition of tahini , a popular Middle Eastern ingredient.

Julienne is a culinary method that is commonly used for vegetables. Learn what julienne is.

To blanch is a common cooking method for nuts and other foods. Check out what blanching is and why is it done.

Learn more about naan , a bread consumed in Iran and other parts of the Middle East and Asia.

Definition of popular Middle Eastern spice, za'atar.

Definition of halal, a food preparation method is Islamic dietary law.

Explore tasseography, a popular fortune telling method commonly used in the Middle East.

Learn more about hookah, the smoking of the water pipe that originated in the Middle East.

Learn more about fasulia, a common Egyptian dish on Middle Eastern menus.

Read more about the popular Turkish appetizer, Mucver.

Learn more about this fabulous French sauce that often appears in Middle Eastern dishes.

What is feta? What does it taste like? Learn the basics of feta cheese.

Learn more about hummus, a popular Middle Eastern and Greek food.

Nabulsi is a Middle Eastern cheese that is used for a variety of recipes.

Ackawi Cheese
Learn more about ackawi cheese, a cheese native to the Middle East.

Definition of konafah, a Middle Eastern food ingredient or dessert.

Definition of haram, a term often used in Middle Eastern cooking and Islamic dietary law.

What is falafel? Discover what falafel is and how to make it at home!

Learn more about ibriks, small pots used to brew Turkish coffee.

Orange Blossom Water
Learn more about orange blossom water, an ingredient found in Middle Eastern cooking.

Basmati Rice - What is Basmati Rice
Basmati rice is a type of rice that is very common in Middle Eastern cusine. Learn more about basmati rice here.

Translation and definition for the arabic word batata.

Bulghur Wheat
Bulghur wheat is a popular ingredient is dishes like tabouleh, but do you know what it is? Learn more about bulghur here.

Explore the world of couscous, a rice-like side dish that has many possibilities.

Translation of 'khubz' and it's definition

Definition of mezze, a word you may hear quite frequently in Middle Eastern cooking and dining.

Mortar and Pestle
A mortar and pestle can be especially helpful in Middle Eastern cooking for the pulverizinf of fresh herbs and spice. Includes photo of mortar and pestle.

Mutton - What is Mutton?
A look into what mutton is and how it is used in cooking.

Olive Oil
Learn more about what olive oil is and the choices you have when buying olive oil.

Learn what saffron is and tips about this unqiue spice.

You may come across recipes that call for cooking with a tagine. Learn what it is and how you can use it in your cooking.

Learn more about tumeric, an ingredient used in Middle Eastern cooking.

What is marzipan? Find out what marzipan is and how it is used in cooking.

What is marzipan? Find out what marzipan is and how it is used in cooking.

What is frummus? Learn what frummus is and recipes for it on the culinary glossary.

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