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Middle Eastern Drinks, Coffee and Tea

Middle Eastern beverages, or sharbat are often made with fruits and yogurt. They are delicious and healthy! Coffee and tea are prepared with care, and contain a variety of spices.

Rose Petal Tea
A lightly floral tasting tea perfect to serve to party guests or as a relaxing treat to yourself.

Mint Tea
This refreshing tea from Morocco is perfect hot or cold and goes well with any meal.

Hibiscus Tea Recipe: How to Make Hibiscus Tea
Hibiscus tea is a drink made from dried Hibiscus petals and has been consumed for thousands of years. It is easy to make and has many health benefits. You can serve this hot or cold. This is a longer version of how to make hibiscus tea.There are shorter versions, but this one really allows the drink to have a full flavor.

Cinnamon Anise Tea
Anise tea is very popular in the Middle east. It sometimes used medicinally to sooth a stomachache or to relieve gas. It is even given to children.

Arak: Middle Eastern Alcoholic Beverage
Arak is an alcoholic beverage made in several Middle Eastern countries. Learn more about this unique drink!

How to Make Lemon Tea
Hot lemon tea is a cinch with this Middle Eastern style recipe for lemon tea.

Milk with Saffron
Milk with saffron is a drink that has been around for centuries. Popular all over the Middle East and India, it is also known for it's medicinal properties.

Cinnamon Tea
Cinnamon tea is a wonderful treat to have with certain deserts like apple cobbler or apple pie. This recipe for cinnamon tea is super easy.

Ginger Coffee - Qishr
Ginger coffee hails from Yemen and rivals any flavored coffee that comes from the coffee shops. It is sweetened with sugar and ground ginger is added.

Aryan - Yoghurt Drink
Aryan is a drink made from yougurt, served in ice filled glasses. It is tasty, healty, and quite a thirst quencher.

Finjan Erfeh - Spicy Tea
Recipe for the tea finjan erfeh. Finjan erfeh is a spicy tea usually served to guests coming to see a newborn baby.

Anise Tea
Recipe for anise tea, a tea made the spice anise. In the Middle East it is sometimes used to sooth a stomachache.

Middle Eastern Style Lemonade
Learn how to make lemonade Middle eastern style. Middle Eastern lemonade isn't quite as sour and sweet as traditional western lemonade, but the taste can't be matched.

How to Make Turkish Coffee
Learn how to make Turkish coffee with this simple recipe. Turkish coffee is very popular worldwide for its uniques way of preparation and tase.

Sage Tea
This sage tea is perfect on cold, winter nights and for a variety of medicinal purposes.

Iced Pomegranate Tea
The perfect cure for a hot summer day!

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Milk at Home
Put down the chocolate syrup and bottled chocolate milk. Learn how to make your own -- free of artificial ingredients!

Lemon Tea with Mint Recipe
Lemon and mint tea is one of the most popular teas in the Middle East. Black tea is most often used for most teas and lemon and mint is added. What makes this recipe so unique is the way it is prepared. If you are looking for an authentic lemon and mint tea recipe, try this lemon and mint tea recipe!

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