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Couscous 101

Couscous Recipes


Couscous is a staple in some Middle Eastern countries like Algeria and Morocco. Although it is technically a pasta, it is used more as a grain, like rice, in Middle Eastern countries.

It is common is some countries for people to make their own couscous. It is called "rolling couscous." This is a very difficult and tedious task and takes some skill (and lots of patience) to accomplish. Couscous is also manufactured, and readily available in supermarkets all over the world.

Most pre-packaged couscous is pre-steamed, meaning you just have to pour boiling water over it, sit, fluff, and serve. The goal is to have light and fluffy couscous, not a gummy texture. Many professionals feel that couscous should be steamed 2-3 times to gain the right texture.

Couscous Recipes

  • Basic Couscous
  • Cranberry and Toasted Almond Couscous
  • Lemon Couscous
  • Couscous with Peas
  • Couscous with Raisins and Carrots
  • Apple Couscous
  • Orange Date Couscous
  • Couscous with Apricots
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