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Middle Eastern Recipes - Middle eastern Soup and Stew Recipes
The chickpea is practically a staple in Middle Eastern cooking. It most commonly used in hummus, a popular Middle Eastern dip, and falafel, where it is ground ...
Vegetable Soup - Middle Eastern Vegetable Soup Recipe
... like vegetable soup? This vegetarian friendly Middle Eastern vegetable soup will keep your tastebuds hopping and your insides warm on those chilly days.
Most Commonly Used Spices In Middle Eastern Cooking
A list of the most common spices and herbs used in Middle eastern Cooking and quick tips ... You will find it is used to flavor meats and stews, as well as sweets.
Common Spices Used in Middle Eastern Food Video
... of spices. This video will go over some of the most common spices in Middle eastern food. ... In Middle Eastern cuisine, it is found in soups, stews and teas.
Middle Eastern Food - Middle Eastern Soup and Salad Recipes
Soups and salads are essential in Middle Eastern cooking. They are ... Soup is called shorbat in Middle Eastern countries. Salad is ... Soups and Stews (8) ...
Top 5 Reasons to Try Middle Eastern Food
Middle Eastern food is a natural choice for vegetarians. Veggie only kebobs, appetizers like hummus and baba ghannouj, and meatless soups and stews give  ...
Fava Beans 101- Recipes and Middle Eastern Influences
Learn more about the fava bean - a common Middle Eastern food ingredient. ... Fava beans are also used in some stews and can be made into a fava bean ...
Meats Used in Middle Eastern Cooking Video
This video will go over some of the meats commonly used in Middle Eastern cuisine. ... Aside from these uses, each of these meats can be found in stews, ...
Middle Eastern Bread and Rice Recipes - Middle Eastern Food
Explore Middle Eastern bread recipes, from the classic pita bread to the more ... favorite restaurants - bowls made from bread and filled with piping hot stews and  ...
Middle Eastern Rice Recipes - Middle Eastern Food - About.com
A collection of Middle Eastern food recipes made with rice. ... is found at the bottom of then pan after rice cooks. It is served alone or with stews and other dishes.
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