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How to Steam Vegetables

Learn how to steam any type of vegetable - no special equipment required! 

Steamed Vegetable Recipes
Middle Eastern Food Spotlight10

Kufta Recipe

Kufta is like meatloaf on a skewer. It is traditionally made with ground beef, but lamb can also be used. It is grilled on oven baked. This recipe for kufta uses both ground beef and lamb.

Ramadan 2014 Recipes

Learn more about Ramadan and discover unique recipes for the holiday in 2014 with this article.

Tomato and Avocado Salad

Looking for a summertime salad? Try this avocado and tomato salad that originates in Iran. This Persian recipe is a favorite that combines avocados, tomatoes, and lime juice to create the perfect healthy meal.

5 Reasons to Not Eat Store Bought Hummus

Here's why you should make your own hummus at home instead of buying it at the store.

Chocolate Hummus Recipe

Are you a chocolate lover and also love hummus? Well, this recipe is for you! Chocolate hummus is the newest fad and it's absolutely delicious! Check out this recipe for chocolate hummus!

Hookah Pipe 101

You may know it by hookah, narghile, sheesha, even hubbly bubbly. Middle Eastern water pipe smoking in on the rise in Western countries and you may have even

Foolproof Saffron Chicken

Saffron chicken is a staple in my family's dinner rotation. The kids love it for its bright color and not too spicy flavor and I love it because it's its tasty,

Graduation Party Menu Idea: Kebab Bar

There are times when we are cooking for our family or having a get together with friends, and we want to serve a dish that is exciting and fun. Many times our

Say Goodbye to Mayo With This Potato Salad Recipe

Love potato salad, but not the mayo? Why not try a Middle Eastern version of potato salad for your next summer meal? Imagine boiled red potatoes, cubed and

Squash Seeds are Delicious Roasted

Before you throw out the seeds of your squash, think twice! Squash seeds are a tasty snack, like pumpkin seeds in the fall. Roasted squash seeds are very

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